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Professional Food Styling on Set

Picture-Perfect Presentation




My name is Jen and I'm a professional food stylist. 

I understand the love and relentless pursuit of perfection that goes into your recipes and I’m
here to showcase that passion into picture-perfect plates.

You've probably seen my work in print ads, menus, social media, and TV commercials for:

Mcdonalds logo
Trade joes
Taco Bell
Marie Calendars
Jack in the Box
Johnny Rockets
Bryers Ice Cream
Bizzare foods
Sizzler logo
Del Taco
Subway sandwiches
Rubys Diner
Citrus Fruits

Food Styling Gallery

Every project we work on with Jen is well thought through, down to the smallest details.
Her can-do attitude only enhances the work she does in executing each of our ideas.

Sasha Shennikov | Marketing Director | Sizzler USA, Inc. 

Food styling photography.

Food Styling FAQs

What does a professional food stylist do?

A food stylist is a professional who specializes in making food look visually appealing for photography, video or film. They use various techniques and tools to enhance the appearance of the food such as using edible props, food coloring, and adjusting the lighting.

What should I expect from a food stylist before a shoot?

Typically, we’ll start with a pre-production meeting to learn what food needs to be shot. We’ll cover angles, backgrounds and ensure the food styling aligns with the goal of the shoot. This 1-hour meeting typically involves the photographer, production team, food stylist and client.

Do I need a food stylist for my restaurant? 

If you plan to market your restaurant through social media, print,  or TV, then hiring a food stylist can benefit your business. A food stylist can help you present your dishes in the most visually appealing way possible and make your food stand out from your competition.

Do you use real food during the shoot?

In addition to adhering to truth in advertising laws, I use real food because it looks more appealing on camera and sets realistic expecations for your customers. There are secret, behind-the-scenes tricks and "food makeup" that I use to make food look it's best.

How much does a food stylist cost?

The cost of hiring a food stylist can vary depending on the location of your restaurant, and the scope of the project. Generally, food stylists charge an hourly or daily rate, and some may charge an additional fee for props or equipment. Click here for more information on pricing. 

Do you also do the photography?

Since I am focused heavily on prep, composition, and styling, my focus has to remain on the food. While I don't offer photography services, I can recommend an excellent team of photographers well-versed in food photography @
SVON Studios in Lake Forest.

Hungry for more?

Contact Food Styling for Film today to learn more about professional food styling and to book southern California's top food stylist!

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Location: Dana Point, California


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